Faith guides relationships

By Casey Peacock: Freedom Newspapers

Commitment to and faith in your partner and God are the common thread to a lasting and enduring marriage for two Portales couples.

“I think you need to have a commitment,” said Janet Collins, who has been married to husband Steve for 34 years. “There are good times and bad times, and you have to be committed through them all.”

The couple, who met at driver’s education during junior high, were married in Portales’ Emmanuel Baptist Church, where they still attend today. The couple have continued to keep God and church in their lives, along with a lot of fun and laughter. They feel that has helped them to endure the path they have walked during their life together.

“Commitment is the main thing. A lot of people don’t take commitment serious. It’s (marriage) a life-long commitment,” said Steve.

“Honest to goodness, we’ve had a great time,” his wife said.

Walter “Cotton” and Ila Jean Clark were married at a friend’s home 58 years ago. Since the beginning of their married life, they have also chosen to keep God as part of their married life.

“You have to commit.” Ila Jean said. “You’re supposed to make it (marriage) work.”

The couple expressed the enjoyment they have had with each other in their married life and the work it has taken to keep their marriage strong and enduring.

“It’s not a 50/50 thing,” Cotton said. “You give everything to keep a marriage going.”

Over the years, both couples said they have had their share of disagreements. Love has endured, and the couples have worked through the rough patches in the road and continued to sustain and maintain their love and closeness.

“It’s love. You just become one with each other,” Ila Jean said.