Ring worth more than weight in gold

By Grant McGee: Local columnist

Have you ever lost something that means a lot to you? Remember that sudden jolt you feel when you realize it’s gone? That’s what I felt as The Lady of the House and I sat in a Clovis eatery and she said, “Where’s your wedding ring?”

My wedding ring, this wedding ring, means a lot to me. It’s not always been the case with me and wedding rings. It’s no secret that I’ve been married more times than the average bear.

When my first marriage crashed and burned I promptly went to a pawn shop, traded my wedding band for cash, went to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet and overdosed on egg rolls, lo mein and hot-and-sour soup.

When another marriage did another crash and burn there was no wedding ring to trade for cash to go to the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet because I had already cashed it in to pay bills.

Everything is different now. I understand marriage a whole lot better, so this wedding ring means a lot to me.

How could it be gone? Surely I would’ve felt it falling off. This was back during The Big Snow last month. Maybe I lost it shoveling snow. I shoveled the front walk, I shoveled around the cars, I shoveled off part of the patio. Then I tackled the car.
We hadn’t gone out since the snow fell so the car was covered with an icy crust. I chipped, I scraped, I swept, I defrosted, I got as much off as I could and left the rest, much to the annoyance of The Lady of the House.

As we drove around town she said, “We are the only car with a snowman on the roof.”

“It’s just a pile of snow,” I said.

“Snowman,” she said.

I looked for other cars with snow on them and said, “See? See?” But she was right, cars with snow still on them weren’t common.

The night before we had stopped at a store and as I got out I brushed some more snow from the car, maybe it was there. We drove back to the store and I looked where we parked. Nothing.

“Don’t worry,” said The Lady of the House. “It’ll turn up.”

“This ring means a lot to me,” I said.

“I know,” she said with a smile.

We drove on down to Portales and made some stops around town. We went into a store and picked up a few bags of stuff. When I popped the trunk there was this metallic clattering sound. I looked and there was my wedding ring sparkling in the sun. I laughed out loud. What a miracle! The thing had slipped from my finger when I was clearing snow off the car and it sat in the snow still on it as we drove around Clovis. Then it hung on as we zipped over to Portales, roaring down the four-lane at 65 mph with our snowman on the roof.

Any time it could’ve slipped off and would’ve been gone forever, but it sat in the snow on the car until I opened the trunk and it clattered into view.

“You won’t believe this,” I said to The Lady of the House as I got in the car. I held up my wedding ring. She smiled.

“This ring means a lot to me,” I said.

“I know,” she said with a smile.

Grant McGee hosts the weekday morning show on KTQM-FM in Clovis. Contact him at: