New guidelines for ID card now in effect for everyone

Janet Taylor-Birkey

At least one document must have a photo
Effective immediately, all personnel being issued common access cards and other identification cards, including for dependents, retirees and Reservists, must present two forms of identification.
At least one of the two IDs must have a photograph, according to new guidelines from the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center. The computer software is sequence-based and requires that the two forms of ID to be scanned before it will process to the next sequence to issue a new card.
“We have not had a big issue since we just started this new process last week,” said Carmen Cook, Alutiiq Site Manager at Cannon. “Some individuals had to go to their car to retrieve another form of ID—maybe five folks at the most.”
Cannon issued 457 ID cards in Dec. and 512 in Jan., which include active duty military members and dependents, as well as, federal employees and contractors, Ms. Cook said.
Acceptable forms of ID are:

Group A (picture ID)
-Military dependent ID
-Valid documentation from Immigration and Naturalization Service office with photo
-Driver’s license or ID card issued by federal, state or local government agencies or entities with photo
-U.S. Passport
-U.S. Coast Guard, Merchant Mariner card
-School ID with photo

Group B (non-picture)
-Certificate of citizenship or naturalization
-Foreign passport
-Voter registration card
Social Security card
-Certification of birth Abroad
-Unexpired refugee travel document
-Original or certified copy of a birth certificate
-Native American tribal document