Phase II: Readiness is the reason

After an alarm red from an exercise air attack was downgraded to alarm black at a previous Phase II readiness exercise, 27th Communications Squadron Senior Airmen Hector Medina (left) and Anthony Squeo conduct a post-attack reconnaissance survey.

Col. Scott West

Warriors of the 27th Fighter Wing,
Our ability to deploy and employ airpower and expeditionary combat support is crucial to winning the Global War on Terror — our wing is a lethal weapon in the U.S. arsenal.
Next week’s Phase II exercise will be a dynamic test of our ability to fight at a deployed location while facing the threat of conventional and chemical attack. We also have a unique opportunity to partner with the professionals from the New Mexico National Guard and complete realistic, hands-on convoy training.
As a wing, we’ve prepared for this exercise in a building block fashion, starting with a CENTAF-oriented Phase II back in July. Our efforts paid huge dividends as Team Cannon members deployed around the globe during AEF 3/4 to provide combatant commanders with unrivaled operations and combat support capability.
We introduced counter-chemical warfare operations during our November PACAF-oriented Phase II. We’re now ready to step it up a notch as we prepare for this summer’s AEF 7/8 commitment.
I’m proud of the increase in combat readiness we have accomplished over the last several months – let’s take full advantage of next week’s training opportunities to sharpen our sword. You can bet our enemies continue to sharpen theirs.