Guthals, Brumfield capture CCC seats

Lois Thomas, left, holds ballots while Glinda Roberts inserts ballots into the reader at the Curry County Courthouse. (CNJ staff photo: Kevin Wilson)

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

A Clovis Realtor and a business owner snagged seats on the Clovis Community College Board of Trustees Tuesday in a narrow race that captured more than twice the votes of the last contested trustees election.

According to unofficial election results, incumbent Gayla Brumfield won the District 1 seat on the board with 202 votes. She edged out her competitor Clovis dentist Dr. Kennedy Merritt by seven votes.

Charles Guthals, who owns a nursery in Clovis, won the District 4 seat with 158 votes — six more votes than his competitor, Raymond Mondragon, manager of economic development for ENMR-Plateau.

A total of 710 people voted in the election, more than twice the number who voted in the last contested CCC board election. In that 2003 election, a total of 320 votes were cast.

Brumfield and Arnold Martinez ran unopposed in a 2005 trustees election.
“I am thrilled to death,” Brumfield said of her Tuesday win in a telephone interview with the Clovis News Journal.

She said her experience on the board and “a good record” sealed her win.

Guthals waited at the Curry County Courthouse for election results.

“I’m elated,” he said once results were released. “I am looking forward to being able to serve on the board and make a good thing better.”

There were 9,959 eligible voters in districts 1 and 4. For a college election, however, getting 7 percent of voters to turn out was impressive, according to Curry County Clerk Mario Trujillo.

“The people that ran are well known and have good qualifications,” Trujillo said.


District 1
• Gayla Brumfield—202
• Warren Woodward—3
• Kennedy Merritt—195

District 2
• Raymond Mondragon—152
• Charles Guthals—158

Eligible voters
• District 1 — 4,850
• District 2— 4,855