Wildfire season at hand

Courtesy of the Cannon Fire Department

Spring is almost here, and along with it comes a season of dry and windy conditions. These conditions pose a serious fire threat to all who live in the area. Alone, wildfires are very dangerous. Mixed with dry and windy conditions they can become deadly.
The best advice about dealing with wildfires is to stay away from them. Wildfires can look small, but can grow in size and intensity in a matter of minutes.
With windy conditions, fires can spread at a rate of 30-60 miles per hour. If Airmen see a wildfire, they should call 9-1-1 immediately.
One of the most hazardous parts about a wildfire is the smoke that it can generate.
Smoke can cause limited visibility, so people should avoid driving through smoke. Smoke can enter houses through vents and lead to choking, coughing or even death. Close windows and vents in the house to prevent the smoke from entering.
Airmen can help prevent fire emergencies at home by taking prevention measures such as having a 30 foot clear zone around their house if they live outside the city limits. Within the city, keep vegetation cut low and moist. Airmen should also keep a clear zone in their alley way and yard, and not let tumbleweeds accumulate.
Inside the home, Airmen should keep irreplaceable valuables where they can be retrieved quickly in the event they need to evacuate.
Also, have a bag ready to go filled with legal papers, medications, emergency supplies and smaller valuables. If families must evacuate, before they leave they should close heavy curtains, turn off utilities and leave doors unlocked for escape for firefighter access. Turning on sprinklers will help wet surfaces around the house.
As with all fires, the most important thing to remember is that safety is the number one concern.
For more information about wildfires, call the Cannon Fire Prevention office at 784-4077 or 784-4490.