Video game fitting for all ages

By Tonya Fennell: CNJ staff writer

Video games are synonymous with relaxation for Clovis resident Cameron Fuller.

The 32-year-old truck driver said he has been playing video games since the 1980s and “any game that requires killing” is a favorite. “It is an escape for me,” he said. “It is a great stress reliever to shoot up monsters.”

Or at least it used to be.

Recently married and a stepfather to his wife Sandi’s two young boys, Fuller has had to re-examine the content of the video games he plays in the living room.

“My wife and sons are devout Christians,” Fuller said, “and she brought it to my attention that the language and violence in the games might be sending the boys the wrong message.”

So, the Fullers began searching for a family-friendly alternative and discovered The Bible Game.

The Bible Game is a PlayStation 2 game created by Crave Entertainment that focuses on inspirational Old Testament teachings in a fast-paced game-show setting, according to

The game is rated E, which means it has been approved for every age. “It’s just awesome,” Sandi Fuller said. “The kids and my husband play it for hours.”

Denise Keagle, manager of GameStop, said the Clovis video game store has received multiple queries about Christian-themed games. “We get a lot of calls from Sunday school teachers,” Keagle said.

But not everyone agrees that Christianity belongs in video games.
Clovis resident John Moore said Christianity belongs in churches, not in video games.

“The Bible has some pretty gruesome stories, like when Jesus is crucified,” Moore said. “I think that could scare kids more than killing aliens.”