Letters to the Editor: Smokers can find or create private clubs

Regarding the statewide smoking ban in New Mexico: So much to say, so little space.
The liberal nanny-staters who support smoking bans, or any other bans, look like blithering idiots — incapable of making a decision as simple as choosing not to go to a restaurant or bar that allows smoking.
The biggest amazement, though, is these people never question why the use of the product is banned, while the sale of the product continues.
I’ll try to explain in small words so they can understand:
If King Bill raised taxes to equal the amount of revenue generated by tobacco (and alcohol), he and all his little gutless puppets would be dragged from their ivory towers and tarred and feathered.
And I’m betting all the anti’s would be right up at the front of the crowd wailing and moaning the loudest.
Trust me, none of this hysteria has anything to do with health or safety. It’s all about power, control and revenue.
Furthermore, it’s illegal. Without being deputized and paid for it, restaurant, bar and other business owners cannot be made to police smoking in their establishment.
I have a solution, though, for the bar and restaurant owners in town who don’t oppose their customers enjoying a smoke: They can make their establishment a private club. They can charge a nominal fee for a membership, and only allow members on the premises. Problem solved.
Private clubs, after all, along with casinos or any other place King Bill might want to puff on his cigars, is exempt.
Make no mistake. There are still plenty of liberty and freedom-lovers out here to support them.

Glenda S. Bly

Expo example of double standard
I see Clovis had scheduled a “Spring Hispanic Expo” for this weekend.
It’s about time. We must celebrate diversity and multiculturalism, etc.
Hey, I have great idea! Let’s have an event showcasing the history, accomplishments and culture of people of European ancestry.
We could call it the “Fall Caucasian Festival.”
Oh, wait. That’s racist. Never mind.

Carol J. Labadie