Tips for document replacement

CNJ staff

Social Security card
Cost: Free
What you need: A completed SS-5 Application for a Social Security card
Proof of citizenship: U.S. driver’s license, state-issued identification card or U.S. passport If you can’t obtain any of those listed documents, an employee identification card, school identification card, health insurance card, military identification card or adoption decree will be accepted.
Where to go: Social Security Administration Office, 1208 Arcineiga Dr., Clovis
Information: 762-8167

Driver’s license
Cost: $16 for a four-year license or $32 for an eight-year license
What you need: Proof of residency — rental or house purchase agreement, any original government-issued document, utility bill, insurance bill, bank statement, checkbook, pay stub, property tax statement, proof of minor child enrolled in school, voter registration card or library card Proof of identity: Original or certified birth certificate, valid passport, military identification card Proof of identification number: Social Security card, military identification card, payroll receipts or a valid tax form such as a W-2
Where to go: 814 W. Sixth St.
Information: 762-3732

Birth certificates
Contact the Office of Vital Records in the state of the birth.