Tornado facts

CNJ staff

—Curry County has recorded five F2 tornadoes since records have been kept — on June 10, 1932, Sept. 17, 1944, May 24, 1957, June 11, 1964, and on March 23 of this year. An F2 includes wind speeds greater than 113 mph. The county has not seen a tornado greater than F2 in 75 years of record keeping.

—Roosevelt County has recorded two F3 tornadoes in its history — in 1939 and 1949. No one was injured in either storm. An F3 includes wind speeds 158 to 206 mph.

—Curry County has been hit by tornadoes 49 times since 1932.

—Eastern New Mexico has seen only one death related to a tornado. That occurred Tuesday, when Heleneta Blevins, 90, died from injuries she suffered in the March 23 storm.

—Curry County had recorded only 10 tornado-related injuries prior to March 23, when officials said 35 people were hurt. Seven Clovis residents were hurt in 1944, two county residents were injured in 1932 and one was injured in 1964.

—Prior to March 23, the last 15 tornadoes to hit Curry County were rated F0, meaning wind speeds were less than 73 mph.

—Before March 23, Curry County’s most recent tornadoes occurred on June 4, 2003. Four were recorded between 5:10 p.m. and 6:59 p.m. that evening and all were rated F0. One was reported near Melrose, two near Cannon Air Force Base, and one near Clovis. No injuries were reported from any of the four.

Source: and National Weather Service. Records date to 1932 in Curry County.