Eastern student’s siblings are Virginia Tech alumni

By Freedom Newspapers

One Eastern New Mexico University student has connections to Blacksburg, Va., and Virginia Tech University where a gunman killed 32 people Monday.

Michael Harman, an ENMU junior history major, admits he spent some tense moments Monday morning until he was able to talk with family members who live in Blacksburg. He said he has two older sisters who are recent graduates of Virginia Tech, and two nieces living in the community.

“I called one of my sisters when I found out it was happening, and she said they were keeping everybody inside but they were OK,” Harman said.

Harman, who grew up in the Washington, D.C., suburbs, said his family owns a second home in Blacksburg and he had spent time in the community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia.

He said it is a city about the size of Clovis, with the campus community of 25,000 as the centerpiece of community life.

He characterized the town as quaint, quiet and still rural in nature.

Harman said ENMU students seemed to be shocked by the incident Monday afternoon and still looking for more information.

“When they have a spare moment, everybody’s been glued to the TV watching coverage.”