Pastor fulfills duties for 50 years

By Tonya Fennell: CNJ staff writer

Charles Green is dedicated to his church.

The 76-year-old pastor has proven his devotion lately by delivering sermons despite being confined to a wheelchair.

Green, who serves as bishop of the First Church of God in Christ, will celebrate the church’s 50th anniversary this Sunday along with his congregation.

Angie Green said her husband of 55 years recently underwent surgery on knees after slipping on ice. “It’s been difficult,” she said. “This (slip) stopped him in his tracks.”

And Charles Green agrees the fall has set him back physically. “I’m just grateful to the Lord for being alive,” he said.

But, his health won’t stop him from joining in the three-day celebration planned this weekend, the Greens said.

The 50-year celebration will include guest speakers, a banquet and a Sunday afternoon dinner.

“He (Bishop Green) is an awesome leader who welcomes change and is always open to new ideas,” Church member Frances Rhoden said.

Angie Green said her husband has pastored at the First Church of God in Christ since its inception 50 years ago. “He’s (Charles) a dedicated person,” she said. “He’s fully committed.”

And Angie Green is no stranger to commitment either.

She is co-pastor at the church, which has approximately 200 members, and serves as director of education as well.

“I’ve enjoyed being able to travel and spread the word,” she said.

Angie Green’s most memorable trip occurred in 1976. She said she traveled to the Philippines to teach Bible classes.
“It (Philippines trip) made me refocus my priorities,” she said. “We are so blessed here in the United States.”