Their perspective: Melrose grads sound off

CNJ staff photo: Andy DeLisle Melrose High School’s class of 2007 includes 20 students.

By Freedom Newspapers

Thoughts and insights by Melrose’s graduating seniors based on a written survey:

Most will be going to college
The U.S. military is in Iraq for a good reason
Most will likely not return to Melrose to live
Alcohol, drugs and peer pressure are the biggest challenges today’s teens face
Striking out on their own has them nervous
Jaime Dickerson, who wants to become a famous author, is the classmate most likely to be in the news in 20 years
Eric Walker will still be breaking hearts in 20 years
Brynna Kos and Chris McGinnis suggested taking naps would improve the education system.
Seniors are evenly split between whether they would prefer “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars.”

Ultimate jobs
stunt coordinator — Brynna Kos
doctor — Amanda Booth
pediatric nurse — Paula Payne
police officer — Chris McGinnis
author — Jaime Dickerman
pharmacist — Alisha Wagley

Views on the war in Iraq
“We’re there for a reason.” — Paula Payne
“Do the job right; get out safely.” — Chris McGinnis
“I believe we are in Iraq for a reason and that we should support our troops.” — Lauren Widner.
“There’s a reason we are over there, but it’s been too long.” — Alisha Wagley

Advice for underclassmen?
“Live life to the fullest.” — Brynna Kos
“Don’t get behind on your homework and make lots of memories.” — Amanda Booth
“Have fun and don’t worry about what others think.” — Jaime Dickerman
“Enjoy high school while you can. It will fly by.” — Alisha Wagley

Biggest fear leaving high school:
“Growing up.” — Brynna Kos
“Paying my bills.” — Amanda Booth
“Being on my own.” — Paula Payne
“Losing my high school friends and not doing as well in college as I have in high school.” — Jaime Dickerman
“The unknown; not knowing anyone and what things are going to be like.” — Megan Sanders.

Places they would like to visit:
New Zealand
New York

People they would like to meet:
Queen Latifa
Vin Diesel
Sandra Bullock
Christian author Beth Moore
George Strait
Carmen Electra

— Compiled by Rick White