Small class, big opportunity

CNJ correspondent: Martha Hardwick Grady’s graduating class consists of, from left, Timothy Bagwell, Emily Fury, Anthony Sanders, Aerial Verble, Trenton Whitehead, Jennifer Franklin and Jett Sours.

Thoughts and insights by Grady’s graduating seniors based on a
written survey:

• Most will be going to college
• It’s better the war on terrorism is being fought in Iraq rather than the United States.
• Most will likely not return to Grady to live
• They prefer “American Idol” to “Dancing with the Stars,” MySpace over FaceBook and text messaging over instant messaging
• Most expressed little concern about leaving high school
• Tanner Whitehead and Jett Sours are funny dudes

Ultimate jobs:
• Engineer — Jennifer Franklin
• Fish and wildlife — Trenton Whitehead
• NBA coach — Anthony Sanders
• Auto body shop owner — Timothy Bagwell
• Entrepreneur — Aerial Verble

Most students felt it was better to be fighting in Iraq than in the United States:
• “I’m happy it’s over there. Go Bush. — Trenton Whitehead
• “Better there than here.” — Anthony Sanders
• “I agree with it. I think if we did nothing about it, it would end up in the USA.” — Timothy Bagwell
• “Stupid.” — Aerial Verble

Biggest challenge is drinking:
• “All the drinking and parties — a challenge in itself, but if you don’t like that sort of thing, peer pressure.”— Jennifer Franklin

Biggest fear leaving high school:
• “Leaving all my younger friends behind and losing those relationships.” — Jennifer Franklin
• “None.” — Trenton Whitehead and Jett Sours
• “Nothing.” — Timothy Bagwell

Advice for underclassmen:
• “Overachieve your first three years in high school so you can have a fun and easy senior year.” — Jennifer Franklin.
• “Have fun your senior year; don’t try to be an overachiever.” — Jett Sours.
• “It’s easier to agree and go on.” —Timothy Bagwell.
• “Do whatever you want; just make sure you pass.”— Anthony Sanders

Funniest classmate:
• Trenton Whitehead — “He’s cheating off my survey.” Jennifer Franklin
• Jett Sours —“He always has a story.” Anthony Sanders

Something they learned in high school they will still be using 20 years from now:
• “Someone is always going to be your boss.” —Trenton Whitehead.
• “I learned a great deal about responsibility and I know that will influence me 20 years down the road.” — Aerial Verble

Places they would like to go:
• Australia
• Paris
• Venice, Italy
• Italy
• Alaska
• Washington, D.C.