Kids appreciate cow experience

CNJ staff

Marisa Michael of Sandia Elementary and Kaleigh Autrey of Texico Elementary won top honors in the Kids, Kows & More Essay Contest, according to a news release from the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service.

They each receive a $100 U.S. Savings Bond.

Their essays were chosen from almost 1,000 fourth-graders from schools in Curry, Roosevelt and Parmer counties who participated in the Kids, Kows & More two-day agricultural awareness program. The program was sponsored by the Curry and Roosevelt County Extension Offices and Southwest Dairy Farmers. Workships were taught by Cooperation Extension Service agents.

The students’ essays follow.

Having four stomachs would be awesome
Wow! I had a good day at Kids and Kows. Cody Lightfoot had a lot of cool stuff, like the mobile dairy, and electric milking machine. I think Friday is a good name for a cow. I think having four stomachs would be awesome.

I think you should cook your meet at 160 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure your meat is not raw. You should wash your hands or put hand sanitizer on before every meal. You can get sick if you don’t wash your hands.

Ranching is fantastic. Wilma knew a lot about ranching. Ashley does a good thing by traveling state to state, teaching kids about ranching equipment. The chaps, spurs, and wild rag are awesome.

Fruits and vegetables are good. Most fruits and vegetables are plants. Don’t plant jalapeno and bell pepper together, it will make the bell pepper hot. Fruits and vegetables either grow on vines or bushes. If you dig a trench put a tomato plant down in it so the wind won’t break it.

It starts as milk, curds, whey, then cheese or any other dairy products. Curds are cottage cheese. Whey is dried into powder and put into foods. When the process is done you can melt your cheese and put it on your hamburger. You can put cheese on anything you want.

Did you know peanuts grew on bushes underground on the roots? You can make peanut butter with peanuts, peanut oil and then blend it up in a blender. The peanuts were delicious.

Corn is used for food, to sweeten it and to put in food. We eat corn on the cob and that represents food. We put corn syrup in a lot of things. We use it to sweeten it. Corn starch is in plastic bottles to make them stronger.

Wheat is in bread, cereal and pasta noodles. Wheat is in the protein group. Wheat starts as a seed and grows to be a stalk. The wheat puffs were excellent.

Thanks for everything.

Kaleigh Autrey
Texico Elementary

Drinking bathtub full of water hard to believe
It was fun at Kids, Kows and More, but I was afraid we weren’t going because of the rain. It was muddy, cold and of course still raining but that didn’t stop us. We had a great time except after lunch when we had to leave.

You see what happened was we went to the corn station and the rain wasn’t too bad. They told us that corn is in 75 percent of the food we buy, but it’s not like a corn kernel is in your food, instead it’s corn syrup and corn starch. Who would have thought that there were such products? They gave us some delicious popcorn once we were through.

Well after that we went to the peanut station. There we learned that only the plant grows above ground and the peanut grows under. What a surprise! We also learned that they’re a part of the meat group. They told us that the Valencia peanuts grow 18 inches above ground and that they’re planted in the spring, harvested in the fall, they need sandy soil and they grow in warm, dry climates.

Then we went to the dairy classroom where we met Friday the cow. The milker took her udder and “SPLASH!” the whole front row was wet with milk. It was very funny. He told us that she couldn’t give milk until after her first baby. We learned that a cow has four stomachs and eats 60 to 100 pounds of food. After it’s done eating, it doesn’t just store it’s food, instead it comes out from the back side. That we at least got to see. YUCK! The milker called it avocado because it was green, mushy and gross! We also learned that Friday’s tongue is 12 inches long. Wow! Another thing is she drinks a bathtub full each day. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. We learned that she’s one of the most known dairy cows, a Holstein cow.

Last, we ate lunch which had three dairy products: milk, cheese and ice cream. Yum Yum! Along with that we had chips and hamburgers. And now, it happens, (the worst part) they canceled the rest of the trip because of the rain, but Mrs. Fiola told us about how fun it was in the past. It was funny when she told us about the cotton and how they slingshot gigantic underwear into the audience. Now, I wish we could have stayed. Thank You Kids, Kows and More, it was great.

Marisa Michael
Sandia Elementary School