Letters to the Editor: Turning on 21st Street ongoing problem

This is concerning Keith Forbes’ letter published May 31.

I agree with him and say “amen” to his opinion on the traffic problems on 21st and Ross streets. I’ve lived on Ross and 21st for several years and have seen the accidents and the problems created by drivers turning into Walgreen’s from the turning lane of opposite traffic.
I have also witnessed people turning left where it is supposed to be right turns only — whose idea was that?

Let’s stop wasting money and make changes that we need.

Carole Joyner

Citizens should be aware of new smoking rules

A June 6, 1934, advertisement in the Clovis News-Journal quoted Camel cigarette makers saying their scientific evidence had discovered smoking creates an “energizing effect” that is a “delightful relief from fatigue and irritability.”

How ironic that now, 73 years later, we are reporting the “delightful relief” from the devastating effects of having to breathe second-hand smoke.

This coming Friday, New Mexico will join 19 other states in becoming a smoke-free state! Our local officials and law enforcers have met together and are committed to upholding this law that will give us a healthier New Mexico. (Violations can be reported on the non-emergency police report line: 769-1921.)

Experience has taught that the transition to a smoke-free community is relatively easy and has not created significant extra burden on law enforcers.

It is important the community is aware of the provisions of the law such as the requirement for businesses to post a “no smoking” sign on their entrance. All restaurants and bars will be completely smoke free. Other business owners and workers need also to understand they cannot smoke in any part of the building if the business has two or more employees.

Another important fact is that smoking is not allowed close enough to an entrance where those entering have to breathe the smoke or where it can drift into the building through a door, window, or air conditioning unit.

These specifics and others, along with free sign downloads, can be accessed on the Web site www.smokefreeNM.com or by calling 1-877-473-6624.

Let’s all celebrate a healthier New Mexico!

Linda Teakell