Filmmakers borrow Texico name

By Tony Gutierrez: CNJ staff writer

Kevin Costner plays apathetic, everyday guy Bud Johnson from Texico in his new movie, “Swing Vote,” according to movie officials.

According to a synopsis of the movie, Johnson’s daughter, Molly, sets off a chain reaction that makes her father the swing vote in the presidential election.

“Basically, Kevin Costner lives in New Mexico and he’s a dried-up guy and it comes down to his vote for the Republican or Democrat, so all the media comes to this little town in New Mexico,” said Heidi Mayfield from the film’s production office.

The film will begin production July 23 in Belen, south of Albuquerque, she said.

Mayfield said the writers were looking at a map of New Mexico for small towns to serve as the hometown of Costner’s character when they spotted Texico. She added writer/director Joshua Michael Stern liked the name.

“It was pretty random, because I remember if we couldn’t get it cleared, we’d go with something else,” Mayfield said.

Texico City Clerk Carolyn Johnson said producers have asked her about police uniforms and other things about the town in attempts to be authentic.

“I think it’s pretty cool because it’s going to mention a town not many people know where it is,” said Doug Scioli, Texico City Council member.

Mayfield said the script calls for a fictitious copy of the Clovis News Journal with stories and photos pertaining to the movie.