God provides spiritual strength

By Judy Brandon: Local columnist

I think back to childhood times when John Scott, our son, was a little boy. But even though he is grown, I remember years filled with fantasy and child play.

John Scott had an infatuation with “The Incredible Hulk” series on television. The Hulk was a normal man, and then suddenly he would change into the superhuman, strong and powerful, who always got the bad guy.

The viewer could actually watch the Hulk’s muscles expand as the “transformation” began to take place. His facial expression would change to a terribly mean look. Then his biceps would grow, chest muscles would inflate and then came a low fierce growl that crescendoed with a threatening look in his eyes.

When the transformation was complete, the Hulk would take care of any urgent situation. He could tackle enormous objects with ease, pick up cars, fling bad guys through the air, and put an end to a villain’s terrible ways.

I should have known better and realized children incorporate what they watch on television. At 5, John Scott was fascinated with the Incredible Hulk and went around the house imitating him. He would stop, go into a dazelike stare, pinch his lips together, flex his little arms, try to make his chest stand out, growl and then with methodical steps go over and pick up something or perform a fantasylike feat in midair.

Yet the reality of John Scott’s infatuation with the Hulk and his following imitations set in one day. I was sitting in the living room reading the paper, and John Scott was watching TV. Suddenly a daze came over him, his Hulk imitation began. He walked over to the television, picked up one end, and then let it drop down and then it fell over. With the thud came a sizzle and smoke from the television and it was no more.

“What in the world were you thinking of? Why did you do that?” I asked him in bewilderment.

He answered: “I’m strong, just like the Incredible Hulk!” And then he flexed his muscles.

It was all fantasy but a misleading one. The Hulk had become real to John Scott. But the fantasy of the show convinced John Scott and it became so real that he acted on it.

I have thought about that many times before.

I learned two things from that expensive incident. First, carefully monitor what your kids watch on television, especially these days.

The second lesson was more for me. How many times do I try to remove problems by myself? How many times do I attempt to solve a situation when only God can do it? Sometimes I go through my days and try to do much in my own strength, which is inadequate and ineffective in comparison to our mighty God and the bigness of his plan for our lives.
God has a plan for each of us, but it is not fiction. We are not actors, we are his children.

God knows every detail because the script has been written. He also provided a way in which we might get the strength we need for everyday operations. He has given us the Holy Spirit. In turn we feel power, God’s overwhelming love, and through that we gain wisdom for our purpose in life. In turn we can serve the needs of the world with the Gospel message.

When we know Jesus, no force on Earth can cut us off from the effective working of his power within us. Whatever God expects of us, he has supplied the power for us to get it done.

Judy Brandon is a Clovis resident. Contact her at: