Tammy Faye proof second act of life can be sweetest

By Freedom Newspapers

For someone like Tammy Faye Messner, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s assertion that there are no second acts in American lives falls flat.

The public first came to know her as the wife of Jim Bakker, a televangelist who eventually had a rendezvous with disgrace. In later years, however, this woman proved she was capable of being far more than a cartoonish character in a cautionary tale about greed and hypocrisy.

She worked in music, hosted a TV talk show and became an author. Most importantly, she undid some of the damage that the PTL ministry had inflicted on the image of the faithful. She spent the last years of her life spreading a message of tolerance, forgiveness and courage.

Unfortunately, the part about courage involved her struggle with cancer. That struggle claimed her life on Saturday. She was 65.
Tammy Faye not only had a second act in her public life, but the second outshone the first by far.