Effluent pipeline report readied

A special water policy advisory committee voted Thursday to give an engineering firm more time to make changes on the effluent pipeline project report before presenting it at a U.S. Senate hearing in August.

Committee members noted some structures that needed a connection to the pipeline were not listed in the report.

“We noted as we went through it that Marshall Junior High School was left out as one of the projects that would need water,” Commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem Randy Crowder said.

Also missing were some financial aspects of the project.

“The document did not include engineering fees, taxes, debt service. There were a lot of missing things that would have given us a skewed picture,” he said. “And they did not have the new water rates in that document; they had the old one.”

Crowder said the city will present the report to the Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee probate hearing for the Ute Pipeline project Aug. 14 in Clovis.

He said the effluent pipeline project and the city water conservation plan, which commissioners adopted in the last city commission meeting, are part of the city’s attempts to show the Senate subcommittee its water-saving measures. Crowder said the Bureau of Reclamation suggested the city adopt water conservation measures to help its case for the Ute Pipeline project.

The effluent pipleline, Crowder said, would recycle about 4 million gallons of water for use on city grounds.

The advisory committee voted to give engineering firm CDM more time to prepare a more complete report.

“We were kind of pressing to have this document prepared in time for that hearing and we decided this morning not to do that,” Crowder said.

The effluent pipeline project will cost between $13 million and $15 million, Crowder said.

At the July 11 Water Policy Board meeting Crowder said U.S. Sens. Pete Domenici, R.-N.M., and Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., have submitted a request to the Senate Appropriations Committee for a $500,000 grant for the effluent pipeline project and another $500,000 for the Ute Pipeline project.