Some days are a struggle

Tonya Fennell: Cannon Connections

Ever had a bad hair, nothing seems to fit, spill your coffee on the way to work day?

How about an up most of the night because the baby was teething, slept through the alarm clock, cell phone was dead because you forgot to charge the battery day?

Well, last Friday I had one of those days where you wish you would have just stayed in bed.
The day started when I woke up covered in hives. The itchy red splotches were the result of two medications I was taking for strep throat interacting badly.
So, I called in sick to work, dropped off my daughter at daycare and called the doctor.

Knowing I had to travel out to the base to pick up my make the itch go away medicine, I changed my comfy cloud pajama bottoms for jeans and my ragged tank top for a cute shirt. My make me happy even when I feel like crap silver flats completed the ensemble.
With my hair in a ponytail and big sunglasses to cover my sickly swollen eyes, I headed to the base hoping everything would go quickly and smoothly and that I would be able to get in and out without running into anyone I knew.

Well, the quickly and smoothly part didn’t happen. As I pulled up to the gate, a young airman motioned me into a barricaded lane.
I groaned and thought, “not today, why today, oh please make this quick.”

Another young female greeted me by rapidly saying, “you’ve been randomly selected for a vehicle inspection.”
“Turn off the vehicle, open all doors, exit the vehicle, license, military ID, vehicle registration and insurance,” she continued.
My feverish brain tried to process all her requests, but all I could do was feel sorry for myself.
“I have strep throat, my husband is gone and I just need to pick up a prescription,” I whined.
The young airman didn’t care, she had a job to do and she was going to accomplish it.

I eventually produced all documents and climbed from my SUV. I plopped down on the concrete barrier and waited.
I sat in embarrassment as the airman searched my car. An old Halloween mask, two jackets, a few water bottles, mail and cracker crumbs littered my car. “Oh my god is that an orange peel under the seat?” I thought.
I sat quietly and refrained from blaming the mess on my children.
Ten minutes or so later I was on my way with nothing but my pride bruised.

But, one very good thing came out of that trying day.
I found the time and energy to vacuum out my car.

Tonya Fennell is the news editor for Cannon Connections. She can be reached by e-mailing: