Magazine releases list of top spouse-friendly employers

Military Spouse Magazine

Military Spouse Magazine has released its first list of the Top 10 Military-Spouse-Friendly Employers.
According to the magazine, the chosen companies needed to produce $1 billion in revenue per year and have specific programs in place to hire military spouses.

The top employers are:
1. USAA — According to USAA, they understand the demands and stresses placed upon military spouses. The company offers on-site childcare, fitness centers, intramural sports and an on-site pharmacy and wellness center. USAA hired 146 military spouses in 2006. The company also awards significant annual bonuses. “At USAA, we truly believe military spouses are our heroes on the homefront,” USAA officials said.
2. AAFES — According to AAFES, military family members are already AAFES customers; they understand troops than anyone. AAFES offers employment preference to military spouses and family members. Approximately 25 percent of AAFES’ employees are military spouses. Employing military spouses is a win-win situation for all involved, the company said.

3. RE/MAX — According to RE/MAX, they aim to provide real estate employment opportunities to military spouses affected by moves. Military spouses can easily transfer from one state to another by updating their license and becoming active in their local real estate board. The company has over 980 participating offices that work with 527 military installations.
4. The Home Depot — According to The Home Depot, they recognize and salute the military spouse. The Home Depot offers benefits and job transfers to both full-time and part-time associates. “The Home Depot appreciates the personal sacrifices made by the United States military members and their families,” the company said.

5. Wachovia — According to Wachovia, most military spouses have worked in several different fields, which gives them a wide range of experience and skills. The company offers flexible work schedules and telecommuting, which allows the company to retain employees in cities where physical office space may not exist. “Wachovia is committed to supporting our men and women who are in the armed services, whether they are a customer, an employee or a potential candidate,” the company said.

6. Computer Science Corporation — According to CSC, they recognize and appreciate that military spouses are well-educated, talented and skilled competitors in the business world. The company offers benefits, pension plans and tuition reimbursement.

7. Sears Holdings — According to Sears Holdings, they are a proud and strong supporter of both active duty and reserve military and their families. The company has numerous locations and opportunities nationwide, so spouses are able to maintain employment during permanent change of duty stations.

8. Kelly Services — According to Kelly Services, they recognize the value military spouses bring to the workforce. Kelly has jobs ranging from substitute teaching, clerical, engineering, law and information technology.

9. Lockheed Martin Corporation — According to Lockheed Martin, they employ more than 30,000 individuals with prior military experience. The company offers flexible/alternative work schedules, casual dress, an employee assistance program and adoption assistance.

10. Starbucks Corporation — According to Starbucks, they are an ideal employer for military spouses because they have Starbucks stores nationwide. The company continues pay and benefits for up to 24 months in the event a partner is called to duty.