Letters to the Editor: Senior shining example of self defense

I was smiling from ear to ear when I read the story in the Aug. 9 CNJ about the senior citizen trapping the alleged burglar.
Bravo to Alton Tillman! He is a beacon amidst the dimming light of liberty and freedom in this country.
It was a shame, though, that this wonderful story was tainted by the comments from police Capt. Patrick Whitney, lecturing all of us on how much better the cops are at protecting us in our homes than we are. I thought Tillman showed tremendous restraint, in that the perp was still standing when the cops arrived (especially in light of the fact that he had been burglarized three times in one week!).
The truth is, police are under no Constitutional obligation whatsoever to respond to our calls or protect us from another individual, thanks to the Supreme Court. The only people they are obligated to protect are incarcerated criminals and mentally ill individuals being held against their will.
A word to the wise: You’d damn well better be prepared to defend yourself.
As for myself, if someone decides to break into my house, the only reason the cops will be called is to draw the chalk outline.

Glenda Bly

Burglaries, not citations, should be cops’ top priority
Regarding “Cops seeking city unity” in the Aug. 8 CNJ:
Maybe if the police chief changed the priorities from concentrating on writing citations for victimless crimes such as seatbelt violations to preventing and solving crimes that victimize people and property like burglary and vandalism, things might change.
Most burglaries and assaults do not happen on Prince, Llano Estacado, 21st, or Commerce Way. The general public no longer sees the police as the good guys; they simply see them as another government entity trying to get into their billfold.
I realize that putting criminals behind bars costs the government money, and writing citations adds money to the government coffers. But collecting funds is not included in “To protect and serve.”
I have been burglarized six times in the past five years with no arrests. The perpetrators obviously buckled their seat belts when they left my property.

Mark Myers

Protection of property ultimately up to citizens
Kudos to Alton Tillman.
I hope the alleged burglar is the same individual that attempted to break into my storage and has been vandalizing property for several weeks. I’ve had more than $3,000 in property damage at my business. My neighbor had her window bashed in, frame and all.
The police have been to my place five times in the last few weeks. They have done nothing but take reports and tell me to file claims with my insurance company.
I don’t know about others, but I have a deductible and each incident has a deductible. Who is going to pick up the cost? Who cleans up the mess? Who paints over graffiti?
I say the citizens of Clovis should protect their property any way they can.
I wonder if Tillman has thought about applying for a job with the Clovis Police Department. The chief told me they are short handed.

Mary Hernandez