Letters to the Editor: Driver’s licenses should be exclusive

Wednesday’s CNJ report on foreign national driver’s licenses begs a few comments.
Driver’s licenses are the closest the United States has to national identification and here we are in New Mexico providing them to undocumented immigrants.
We are already giving away our tax dollars in education, medical expenses and welfare to these individuals and now the acquisition of this single document will introduce more problems.
What about jury duty? Licensed drivers are a part of jury pools in the state. Does this mean a jury may consist of possible illegal immigrants?
And what about the privilege of voting? The article mentions a GOP lawsuit related to illegal immigrants. Until that issue is resolved, does this mean some votes may be cast by those who are not citizens of the USA?
I believe the governor and the Legislature have made a grave mistake in issuing driver’s licenses to any undocumented immigrant, whether legal or illegal.
And, if issued, the licenses should be on a different form to clearly show the holder is not a legal U.S. citizen.
Discrimination? Perhaps, but necessary.

Bob Baker

City manager deserves break from scrutiny
I believe we should call off the dogs on Joe Thomas, Clovis’ city manager.
Occasionally, we all suffer from a slip in judgment and do stupid, unfortunate acts.
Thomas has staked his life and career in this community and has served the city well. Having news about his driving-under-the-influence arrest published in all the area newspapers and broadcast on Amarillo television stations is punishment enough.
If the City Commission wants to punish him, then it can write a letter of reprimand, but he doesn’t need to be fired.
He is a good man in a difficult position.

Elaine Howell