Break still sought in four-year-old case

By Sharna Johnson: CNJ staff writer

By Sharna Johnson
Curry County Sheriff’s investigator Sandy Loomis said he reviews J.C. Tucker’s homicide file frequently in hopes something will spark a new trail.

Tucker, 67, was found shot to death Sept. 4, 2003, at Tucker Auto Sales and Tucker Self-Storage on U.S. 60-84 near Cannon Air Force Base.

Loomis, lead investigator on the case, said Tucker’s slaying remains a priority.

“It has not gone away. It’s never gonna go away until it’s been solved,” he said.

Loomis said there are promising theories in the case but not enough evidence to gain a conviction.

“I think I know who did it, but I can’t prove it. Instinct and gut feelings and knowledge is not enough. I have to prove it to a jury,” he said.

Loomis said it is just a matter of time until someone comes forward or something turns up to make the connections needed.
Jackie Davidson, Tucker’s daughter, said she has not given up either.

She contacts law enforcement frequently to keep the case fresh in their minds.

“There’s no evidence. That’s what’s frustrating. It seems like every year they go over and over and over it,” she said.

“I haven’t given up. I’m needing closure to a point, and I don’t know how you even have closure (but) I hope I live long enough to see it.”
Every time the case is mentioned in the media, a few calls trickle in.

Local law enforcement is also looking at other ways of approaching cold cases, he said.

The Major Crimes Unit, a consortium of local law enforcement agencies, is in the process of developing a cold case team that will re-evaluate unsolved cases, Loomis said. Once it gets going, the Tucker case will be at the forefront, he said.