Letters to the Editor: Local funds could be better spent

Congratulations Clovis on the new “mobile command center” (“Vehicle gives CPD on-scene capabilities,” Wednesday’s CNJ).
We should park it alongside the new snorkel truck for the fire department at the Civic Center and soon at that other white elephant — the “Special Events Center” at the fairgrounds — and we can have our own “Cadillac Ranch” and then look at the tourist dollars pour in!
We can’t hire enough people to properly staff our police, fire and municipal services facilities. Traffic is abominable, roads are a joke, and soon we will have to give out food stamps to recruit new fire department personnel (“Commission rejects fire department pay increase,” Friday’s CNJ).
It’s wonderful that a booming job market is going on in Clovis, and what a boom we’re going to experience when all these jobs are filled!!
Then a sobering fact comes out. How are we going to get the people the fill the jobs that this boom is going to create?
If they are found, how do we deal with them? Our infrastructure can only be kindly described as inadequate.
On the reverse of that, since all these great jobs are bringing all this money to Clovis, why is it that every time you call the county road department to get the country roads repaired you hear “No money. No staff. No equipment.”
Maybe someone in charge could remember the folks who don’t live next to a dairy would like to have a turn at decent roads?
And if you ask that traffic signals be added (or timed) to help with congestion, it’s the same song, different verse.

Keith Forbes

Smoking near children in public appalling
We took our little kids to the Curry County Fair last month and it was appalling how many people were smoking around the children’s rides and in the food court.
The smokers had absolutely no respect for others. They would blow smoke in the lines for the rides and chomp on a lit cigarette while playing the games.
We are so thankful the County Commission is considering a smoking ban at the Curry County Fairgrounds.

Dan and Charity Lindsey