Letters to the Editor: Pollution worse than cigarette smoke

The “legislative bull” Curry County Commissioner Albin Smith referenced regarding smoking at the fair was right on target. (“Commission considers smoking code,” Sept. 6 CNJ)
Commissioners propose to ban smoking within 25 feet of the gate. Why? To protect people from secondhand smoke.
If every man, woman and animal at the fair lit a cigarette and smoked for 24 hours a day, for the duration of the fair, it would not produce what the permit approved for the ethanol plant will produce in one hour.
Same for the bio-diesel plants.
Every man, woman and child in the path of the pollutants from these plants is at more risk than a smoker lighting up at the fair and walking through the gate.
The city officials laud the coming of new jobs and claim lack of power to limit new emissions located in the county.
Sadly, the comprehensive plan approved by both bodies is mute on air quality and the voters are blind. We are running out of water and yet the Clovis Industrial Development Corp. invites more large users to locate here.
Legislative bull is rampant.
It’s time for change.

Frank Dottle

Mobile command center good for Clovis
I take exception to the “Local funds could be better spent” letter from Keith Forbes in last Sunday’s CNJ.
I’m a member of the Clovis Local Emergency Preparedness Committee and I’m on the Exercise Design Team. Every time we conduct an emergency exercise in Clovis one of the things we review is effective communication between the first responders and others.
The Mobile Command Center will help eliminate any potential problems in this area and Forbes may be in a position someday where his life may depend on proper coordination of fire, police and EMT resources.
New fire equipment is also important, especially if the Hotel Clovis building is reoccupied. Much equipment is provided to the city and county through grant money and the state and the people who spend their time researching grant opportunities are to be congratulated.
Clovis is not unique. Many cities and counties have problems with road construction money and salary increases, except for places where local taxes far exceed those in Clovis.
Forbes should attend some LEPC meetings, which are open to the public, and volunteer to find ways to improve Clovis instead of knocking it.

Karl D. Spence