New witness testifies at murder trial

Freedom New Mexico Staff

A man who was originally charged with tampering with evidence in the trial involving the shooting death of a 10-year-old Clovis boy began testifying Friday in the district courtroom in Portales.

Eric Gutierrez of Clovis testified that the two defendants in the first-degree murder trial in progress along with two other people showed up at his house in the early morning hours the day of shooting.

He said he was awakened by banging on his door and window and when he went to the door Orlando Salas and Melissa Sanchez were there and asked him to get his police scanner. While he was retrieving the scanner, he testified that defendants Demetrio, Sanchez and David Griego came into his house.

He testified that when the group heard a young boy had been shot Demetrio Salas whispered something to his younger brother Orlando who said outloud, “That’s what they get — expletive!”

“I asked them what did they do,” Gutierrez testified. “Nobody said nothing.”

Gutierrez confirmed in his testimony a statement he made to police in which he said Demetrio Salas had said, “Oh man, it was an accident, got the wrong person.”

Gutierrez also detailed how he gave the three pickle juice which they took into the back yard. He said he thought they used it to wash their hands.

He also told how he helped them hide the Chevrolet Suburban the Salas brothers drove in his garage.

Gutierrez then detailed how Demetrio hid a gun across the street and how the next afternoon he retrieved the gun and later hid it.

The defense was preparing to cross-examine Gutierrez as the trial broke for lunch.