Airman inducted into hall of fame

By Airman Elliott Sprehe: 27th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

CANNON AIR FORCE BASE — Induction into a hall of fame is an honor for anyone, but to be one of the first inductees into a college’s football hall of fame is a special honor in itself.

At Belhaven College, home of the Blazers, in Jackson, Miss., one of Cannon’s own Air Commandos is soon to be one of the first inductees to college’s football hall of fame.

Senior Airman Cedric Killings, 27th Special Operations Civil Engineering Squadron, will be inducted into Belhaven’s hall of fame on Nov. 2 for his time on their football team.

“I was there from January of 1998 to May of 2000,” said Killings. “I went to a junior college first.”

Killings began playing football when he was in the fifth grade or, as he said, “knee high to a sock. As a kid I always looked up to football players. I was a fan of football as far back as I can remember.”

“I was born in Mississippi. (Belhaven) is located in Jackson, Miss.,” said Killings. “Everybody back home loves football. Friday night everybody is usually at the games.”

In high school and my junior college I played linebacker and fullback, and when I transferred to Belhaven I just played linebacker.”

Killings was one of the first football players to be inducted into the college’s hall of fame and was originally supposed to be inducted last year.

“I was the first one to actually get inducted last year, then I was deployed to Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan. They called me back this year so I could attend the ceremony,” said Killings.

His fellow airmen, knowing of his induction for about a year, have been giving him a hard time about the validity of his claims to fame.

“We’ve been bugging him for about a year because we haven’t seen anything official (for awhile),” said Master Sgt. Samuel Coger, 27th SOCES.

“I told Master Sgt. (Edgar) Hugo, (27th SOCES), and he spread the word to others like ‘you’re no hall of famer,’” said Killings. “They gave me some grief about that, so I had to bring in all these awards I won.”

Some of the awards Killings won that went toward his induction include the team’s Most Valuable Defensive Player in 1998 and 1999, a Football Gazette All American 1998, and the Jackson Touchdown Club’s Most Valuable Senior Award 1998.

“There’s a lot of people who play sports every year and there’s only going to be a select few at any level that are going to get selected into anybody’s hall of fame, so I think it’s great,” said Coger.

Though he now wears BDUs, his love of football continues. Killings plays on the SOCES intramural football team as well as coaching a Pee Wee team of fifth and sixth graders in downtown Clovis that are now 5-1 for the season.

“I don’t think it’s a big deal (being inducted), but I’m appreciative and very humbled that I’m going to receive this award,” said Killings.