11-18-07 Letters to the editor

Torturing enemy endangers our troops
Does torturing enemy prisoners make you feel good? If so, consider this:

We are a God-fearing nation believing “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Our belief in that Golden Rule gives terrorists permission to inflict tortures on captured American troops identical to tortures we inflict on captured terrorist troops.

If I were a GI in Iraq, I would respectfully give torture lovers, and my commander in chief, this advice: “If you persist in bullying and torturing prisoners, it’s only a matter of time before Arab TV shows me or one of my buddies being waterboarded, slapped and deprived of sleep, or stripped naked and kept in a freezing room. Mr. President, my buddies and I will worry less when we’re on patrol if you stop torturing enemy prisoners.”

If bullying and torturing enemy prisoners makes you swell with pride, your bumper sticker should read: “I proudly support torture for captured American troops.”

Dan True

Jail sentences would curb number of DWI offenses
Yet another article about the family members of DWI victims (Wednesday’s CNJ).
And the Albuquerque Journal has been full of stories about last year’s wrong-way DWI slaughter on Interstate 25.

The bottom line is when legislators put some teeth in DWI penalties then the driving-while-intoxicated mishaps will be reduced.

We need mandatory jail sentences of a month or more for first offenders, seizure of vehicles, and stiff fines.

If I shoot somebody I’m not going to rehab. I’ll be put in jail. The same thing should happen to drunken drivers.

When Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and the rest of the people impacted by drunken drivers demand stiffer penalties then perhaps something will happen.

Until then we will just have more meetings like the one described in the CNJ and continued deaths on the highway.

Karl D. Spence