CCC students present award-winning production

By Jennifer Laurent: Freedom New Mexico

A semester of rehearsing, coupled with a play powerful enough to solidify Director Christy Mendoza’s decision to have a career in theater, has led to an award-winning performance of “Buried Child” by Clovis Community College students.

In a story ripe with symbolism, three generations of an American family and three generations of family secrets are chronicled, said Mendoza, CCC Cultural Arts director and theater instructor. She cautions the show is meant for mature audiences.

Composed of students in Mendoza’s production class, the cast and crew of 14 have claimed 10 awards for their work, including a Regional Committee Nomination. Their production has been videotaped and will be sent to be judged along with other regional winners.

If named as one of the top six, the cast will perform the show in Huntsville, Texas, in February for the opportunity to perform in Washington, D.C. at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in the spring.

The set, lauded for excellence in design, can be assembled in under an hour, Mendoza said. Designer Mark Schmidt, who also was given an award for excellence in lighting, said he wanted to build a set that conveyed a great house that has fallen into disrepair, much like the family who resides in the home. Since it was always intended to take the production to competition, Schmidt had to design a set that could travel and be assembled easily.

Taking his first turn on the stage, local hairdresser Wayne Davies plays Bradley, the middle child who loses a leg in a chainsaw accident.

The hardest part of playing his part was remembering all of his cues, he said. Doing the play was a good experience, said Davies. He would do it again if it were a small role, he continued. “I just can’t imagine having to learn 200-300 lines,” he said.

At a glance

• “Buried Child”
• When: 7:30 p.m. Nov. 30, Dec. 1
• Where: Town Hall, Clovis Community College
• Cost: Free. $7
• Information: 769-4956