Cannon 2007 military family of the year nominees announced

The Godbey family has been nominated for 2007 Cannon Military Family of the Year.

Editors’ note: Four families have been nominated for 2007 Cannon Military Family of the Year. Two families will be featured each week.
The winning family will be announced Dec. 4.
According to the Airman and Family Readiness Center, a five-person panel chose the winner based on submitted essays.

The Godbey family

Father — Gary Godbey
Mother — Kaye Godbey
Children — Megan, 10; Emma 8; and Joseph, 6.

Tech Sgt. Gary Godbey is the noncommissioned officer in charge for the 27th Medical Operations Squadron.

Essay Excerpts:

Gary Godbey
Sgt. Godbey is dedicated to ensuring the flight has everything it needs for the programs to run smoothly. Sgt. Godbey also pulls call on a regular basis.
He has helped facilitate base classes and provides humorous information to relay important points to the participants.
Sgt. Godbey is devoted to his children. Despite the demands of his position, he makes time to attend every child’s concert, plays or sporting event.
Kaye Godbey
Kaye Godbey is a full time mother who helps in the community by serving as a substitute teacher. She works with children to help them understand the need for school and is compassionate when dealing with their parent’s deployments.
Kaye Godbey spends time helping her children develop both academically and socially.

The oldest
10-year-old Megan enjoys playing soccer and played on a traveling team last season. She excels academically and participates in plays and concerts.

The middle child
8-year-old Emma is highly intelligent and has participated in science fairs. She is described as a competitive student and helpful sibling.

The youngest
Joseph, 6-years-old, started school this year. He enjoys athletics and spending time on the golf course with his family. He is known for offering comfort to his classmates when it is needed.

Helping hands
“Above all they (the Godbey’s) are always willing to help,” the nominator’s essay said. “Whether the help comes in the form of feeding another person’s dog or watching a child while a parent is TDY.”
The Godbey’s are described as being dedicated and devoted to seeing other military people succeed. The family often invites people to their home so the military member and dependents can make friends and become more comfortable during their time at Cannon Air Force Base.
When a tornado damaged their home, they helped their neighbors with clean up and repair while working on their own home.
“The Godbey’s go beyond exemplifying what an outstanding military family is,” the nominator said.

The Solares family
Husband — Carlos Solares
Wife — Rebecca Solares

Airman 1st Class Carlos Solares is a member of the 27th Special Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron.

Essay Excerpts:

The loving husband
Airman Carlos Solares is described as a great, strong husband who is his wife’s best friend. “He is my confidant and companion,” Rebecca Solares said. “He sees me through my worst times.”

The Solares marriage
According to Rebecca Solares, the couple was married April 2006 in Los Angeles, Calif. Following their marriage, the couple lived apart for 16 months. Carlos Solares was stationed at Cannon Air Force Base while Rebecca Solares remained in California to teach and finish school. “I believe the time we spent apart as a married couple allowed us to become stronger as a couple,” she said.
Rebecca Solares said she saw her husband every four months, but spent hours on the phone which solidified and strengthened their relationship.
Rebecca Solares said she feels she and Carlos are a strong example to other military families because they communicate and discuss their feelings. “We talk our problems out and don’t allow resentment to build,” she said.
Volunteer work and awards
Carlos Solares volunteers with Habitat with Humanity. He recently earned the Air Force Diamond Sharp Award.

Through hard times
Rebecca Solares said her husband has continually supported her through her battle with rheumatoid arthritis. “He alleviates my worries by sharing the household duties,” she said.

Support system
Rebecca Solares said her husband constantly makes her laugh and supports her dream of becoming a psychologist. “I know I can discuss my wants and dreams with him easily even if they are not feasible at this time,” she said.