Letters to the Editor: Hotel Clovis has passed its prime

As a third-generation Clovisite and supporter of our historical heritage, I have watched and hoped for a solution to our despair over Hotel Clovis that would revive its majestic history.

Realistically, I now face the truth with reverent reserve. Let’s face the facts: It is time for it to go, to be put down with love and dignity. No more wasted tax money or pipe dreams.

I propose that in its place we build a beautiful park with a band shell to lift up our musical history and enhance the future, our downtown and tourism. Name it the Norman and Vi Petty Memorial Park, use the old Chamber of Commerce building for the museum. It will receive national publicity and create a welcome environment as well as serve and honor our past, present and future musical history.
Stop wasting tax dollars and time. Let’s lift up our heads and do something with pride.

Chick Taylor Jr.

Ethanol accident would devastate community, base

We have been discussing the ethanol plant for more than a year now, but one thing we haven’t heard much about is a contingency plan in the event of an accident or explosion.

Since the recent derailment of several cars directly at the city limit one feels the need to ask “What if it had been ethanol instead of corn?”

In the event of an explosion, the area within a 2.5-mile radius may have to be evacuated. Residents within a five-mile radius may have to remain inside. The evacuation area could encompass the hospital, three nursing homes and most of Clovis’ medical facilities, not to mention six schools. Where will we take the injured?

The volatile substances that will be at the plant could force Cannon Air Force Base to develop its own contingency plan to deal with an incident or attack.

Is this a burden we want to put on the base that we are so grateful to have?

Is anybody listening? An incident could be devastating to the entire community including Cannon Air Force Base.

What are the chances of anything happening? Something just did; luckily it was corn rather than a volatile substance. We never thought we’d be hit by a devastating tornado either. Things happen.

Do we want to leave ourselves so vulnerable? Are our city officials going to just sit by and let this happen? Shouldn’t we as a community do something to stop it?

Elections are coming up. Maybe we should know candidates’ stand on the ethanol plant before we put them into office.

Jaqque Johnson

Common sense, respect slowly falling by wayside

I have resigned myself to the fact that I cannot keep people from using my front yard as a shortcut, but now I must contend with my property being a thoroughfare for fun-seeking drivers.

Fresh snow used to prompt thrill-seekers to go to various empty parking lots. Now lawns are fair game. So why was I surprised to see tire tracks and skid marks in my yard on Dec. 15?

Someone used my yard to satisfy their need for self-indulgence. Many who labored to decorate their lawns fell prey to these selfish individuals as well.

Is this not America, where many are accustomed to self-gratification at the expense of others? Why then, was I shocked by such a lack of integrity and disregard for others?

Years ago, individuals were not given numerous opportunities to misbehave because they were held accountable for their actions.

While we stress over foreigners trying to destroy this country, we seem to have our own home-grown ones doing a pretty good job from within.

There are numerous ways to destroy. Our weapons of destruction seem to be moral decay, lack of respect for authority and for each other.

We accept more and more errant behavior until what is wrong seems to be all right. We become accustomed to error.

I love this community and country, but moral decay is destroying both.

Stony hearts, lack of integrity and making excuses are like festering sores, eating away at common sense, decency and proper behavior. We must begin taking responsibility for our actions.

Bonnie Brown