Christmas promoted in Clovis’ past

By Don McAlavy: Columnist

Editor’s note: Clovis historian Don McAlavy reports Arthur Curren likely wrote this piece. Its intent was to boost economic interest in Clovis before Christmas 1913. Curren was Clovis’ first newspaper editor. Misspellings were likely intentional.

Dear Darlin Mirandy:

I kum back to Clovis yesterday an found much of a change in the ol’ burg since you and I wuz here. This hear is bein writ on this dey, Dec. 12, 1913. hop yew get it by Xmus. Everybody seems rite peert and industrus and redy few Xmus.

Now deer darling sugar plum, don’t get oxcited whin I tell yez thet this yere town of Clovis is cumin rite too the frunt. The railroad frum Gallvestin to Clovis is bildin rite along at an alarmin rate and will make this the divisin pint and tirminis. The horsepital will be bilt sune and everybody is expectin big times.

The merchants air getting ready fur the rush and hav big stocks of Xmus gudes.

The Clovis Orchestree hazent been able to get on all the white pants in town as I seen some left in Luikairts winders.

Mister Duckwith still wares all the floers he kin git his hands on, but the Harvey House in payin fer most uv im.

Mister Sam Hollen is learnin how ter use the telephone and as sune as he does he will get one.

Kounty Komishner Ben Crawford hez a bran new sete uv teeth and wur showin’ them to sum Tucumchari folks a few days ago.
Cash Ramey replevined his horse frum a thief and had the latter in jale.

John Barry ain’t enny nearer bein marred than he wuz when you wuz here but he’s a heep more stilush.

Tom Clairy don’t sing neer so much coz hes marred now. Tom Mabray aint enny better and still want it all but he don’t set in the frunt seet as often as he use ter.

Yew know Mirandy thet the Chambermaids of Commerece hed an orful big time here tuther day and the way some uv them felleers licked their lips after eaten peech sherbet wux funney.

Now darlin’ I’d jest luve tew hve you with me out hear, the snows birds or a singin and if I could but hear ther melodius musick blended with yer own sweet voice and see the marvelus landshape reflected in the mirrer of yer own hazel eyes, I’d be as happy ez Charlie White on the 25th of Xmus.

With luve few yew ez deap as the skies air blue, I raymain, Yer old man,


I’d send yew a present if’n I could.