Christmas toy story

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

“I don’t remember toys. But when my sister was little bitty — we were raised poor; my mom would sew for money. My mom got a tricycle as payment for some sewing she had done, and it was rusty and old. My mom painted it while we slept and had only one little red part left. Well, my sister being a curious child, found a quart of red paint and dumped it on her head. For many years my dad called her Shallow Water Red because she started dye jobs at such an early age.”
— Brenda Hankins, Baxter-Curren Senior Center program coordinator

“Mrs. Beasley. That doll went everywhere with me. She was based on the TV show character Buffy from Family Affair. She had a blue and white, polka-dotted body, blonde hair and black frame glasses. She was the ugliest doll ever seen in your life, but I loved it. I still have it.”
— Lendra Hailey, counselor at CHS’s Freshman Campus

“The first thing that came to mind was my dolly. She was a cloth doll and my Deedee, my grandmother, gave it to me. I used to carry her in my mouth. She went literally everywhere with you.”
— Jenni Gee, PR coordinator for the Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce

“The gift I most remember is a tent that Santa Claus brought to me and my brother. He set it up in the back yard on Christmas Day. When we woke up, there was a note on our television set telling us that he had worked in the night to get something set up in the back yard, and we went out there and saw it. It was an old surplus Army tent.”
— David Lansford, Clovis mayor

“I had a mechanical dragon. It had batteries and moved. When you shot him with a dart gun, if you hit his tail, he roared and made big noises.”
With a little research, Crouch found out the name of the dragon was King Zor.
— Kevin Crouch,
Clovis Fire Department Battalion Chief, station 1