Perfect Christmas involves family, lasting memories

Tonya Fennell

Christmas perfection has always eluded me.

I’m the wife who burns the rolls or forgets to buy a needed ingredient for the casserole.

I’m the friend who waits until the last minute to mail presents, so of course they’re always late.

I’m the mother who buys the perfect video game, but my kids can’t play it Christmas morning because it’s for a different system. And I always forget the batteries.

But, time has taught me that perfection is boring and Christmas should be about the memories. My husband and I tried to impress upon our children that happy memories are just as important as the brightly wrapped presents they ripped open Christmas morning.

I’m not advocating a Christmas without presents, because I love sparkly things that come in small boxes (especially little blue Tiffany and Co. boxes). But I want my children to appreciate the importance of family, to know the joy that comes from giving, and to feel that they are loved and well-deserving of the gifts they received.

This year Christmas was extra special at our house. My husband was home after being away for four months, the boys were helpful and our 22-month-old daughter was hilarious Christmas morning when she ripped her presents open with her teeth.

Oh, and I didn’t burn or forget anything.

So, it was almost perfect and a Christmas to remember.

Tonya Fennell is news coordinator for Cannon Connections. She can be reached by e-mailing: