Hang out without the hangover

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

New Year’s Day brings a new year, and with it can come hangovers for those who celebrate a little too much.

Hangover remedies vary from old wives’ tales to the tried and true methods.

Joseph Carpenter, a nutritionist at Gym X, said leftover toxins from the alcohol in your system and dehydration cause the dreaded hangover symptoms such as sensitivity to light and noise, nausea and headache.

“Those are the same symptoms of dehydration. You can avoid a lot of the symptoms by drinking water and drinks like Gatorade between your other drinks,” Carpenter said.

Milk thistle, a plant in pill form, also works, Carpenter said, because it helps detoxify the liver.

Many hangover cures are simple, residents said.

Donna Padilla, a bar tender at American Legion, said she just sleeps. Some of her patrons have more complicated remedies.

“Sour limes and Foxy’s,” Don Segura said. “I would go to Foxy’s, get a giant cup of sour lime, add some salt, get a bag of Frito’s, and I’m good.”

Segura was planning to be the designated driver for his friends on Monday night.

Chad Heflin, co-owner of Portales’ newest liquor store, the Dawg Houze, counts on a simple approach to beat the hangover blues.

“The way I like to cure a hangover — I don’t like to tell anyone. Stay drunk,” Heflin joked. “Then you won’t have a problem.”

“(But seriously), there’s no way to cure a hangover. The best thing you can do is drink Pedialyte. I drink either Pedialyte or water before I go to bed,” Heflin said.

Brandon Barahas, an employee at another Portales package store, Goober McCool’s, agreed.

“(Try) Pedialyte. It’s what babies use when they have diarrhea and they get all dehydrated,” Barahas said. “And it replenishes your fluids while you’re sleeping. You’ll wake-up headache free and joyful.”

Fellow Goober’s employees Brad Lyon and Colin Reeves also had their tried-and-tested hangover cures.

“If you drink a glass of milk the night before you drink it helps, because it replenishes some of the amino acids,” Lyon said. “My chemistry teacher told me that.”

Reeves takes a hair-of-the-dog approach to hangovers.

“You drink another beer whenever you wakeup,” Reeves said. “That’s always a good one. Another one is Bloody Marys. Bloody Marys will always cure (a hangover). Anything with red chili. That will help to calm your stomach down.”

Freedom New Mexico staff writer Mickey Winfield contributed to this report.