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Clovis’ mayoral race promises lots of drama with six candidates hoping to succeed David Lansford, who’s decided to step down after 12 years.

The candidates are Tim Ashley, Gayla Brumfield, Rudy Kumar, Mario Martinez, Rube Render and Gloria Wicker.

Kumar is clearly the wild card, apparently determined to give voters a radical option.

He’s only been in town a few days, moving here from California. He says he discovered Clovis on a business venture late last year and decided to stay.

His radical option? He’s proposing taxpayers improve Clovis’ quality of life to the tune of $20 million. He wants to build a “mega-mall,” a drag-racing facility, a youth activity center and more.

He told Clovis News Journal reporter Gabe Monte on Tuesday that he’d spoken to about 200 Clovis residents and developed the list of projects he plans to start.

“Everyone complained that there’s nothing really to do here,” he said.

He said he plans to fund the projects with a 10-year, $20 million bond initiative.

Kumar said many of the city residents with whom he’s visited said they would “be happy to pay more money to have a mall like (those) in Lubbock or Amarillo.”

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Scores from the first-round of the EPAC tournament Tuesday in Melrose
Melrose 70, Logan 46
Fort Sumner 72, House 13
Floyd 54, San Jon 25
Dora 76, Grady 38

Dora 54, Logan 32
Floyd 52, House 13
Grady 42, Fort Sumner 27
Melrose 50, San Jon 31

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Clovis voters on March 4 will decide the future of Sunday alcohol sales.

Share your views on our Web poll. Click on “Jump to a category” below to access the link and vote.

Those planning to vote “yes” to Sunday alcohol sales were leading the poll late Tuesday night.

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