Crews to smoke test sewer system

By Ben Latino Jr. : URS Group

CANNON AIR FORCE BASE — Air Combat Command and Cannon Air Force Base will be smoke-testing base sewers and manholes beginning Tuesday throughout the base except for military family housing. The testing is expected to last until Jan. 25.

The URS Group and ADS Environmental Services contractors, will conduct smoke testing to determine if and where cracks and other defects are located in the sewer system. Smoke exits the pipes through these defects and make its way to the surface where it can be observed and documented by field crews.

Information gained from this study will be used to repair and improve the base wastewater collection system.
During testing, smoke will exit through the normal venting systems in the sewer. It is common to see gray smoke exiting from the rooftop vents on buildings during smoke testing. This is expected and does not cause concern. Smoke should not enter buildings unless defective plumbing exists or drain traps are dry.

Contractors suggest that for seldom-used drains, such as shower stalls or floor drains in shops or office spaces, a gallon of water should be poured in each drain to fill the drain trap. This helps prevent smoke from entering office or shop spaces.

More information on what to expect while tests are conducted will be provided in flyers posted at affected buildings.

These tests use a non-toxic, non-hazardous chemical smoke that leaves no residue and creates no fire hazard. Field crews will wear ADS uniforms and vehicles will be marked with ADS logos.
Information: 784-1099.