A blizzard to remember

Frank Dalton shares his most memorable cold-weather experience:

“I remember a blizzard when I was about 5 (that) covered our ranch in northern New Mexico. When it broke I could walk over a five-wire barbed-wire fence. Dad spent days on horseback looking for cattle. Tractors were the only way to get around for nearly two weeks. Then Dad was gone every day for a month helping area ranchers gather and sort cattle that had drifted during the storm, some as many as 25 miles.”

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Raymond Atchley on Sunday alcohol sales:

“Those folks who have serious drinking problems have not been, nor will they be, slowed down by one-day-a-week no-sale mandates. … If there is an economic benefit for local businesses to having ‘drink’ sales on Sunday, to include the benefit of eliminating ‘bootleg’ sales, then I’ll support such a change.”

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If Rudy Kumar is elected mayor, he says he will rarely support meeting in executive session.

“Politicians are public servants, so we need to have a transparent government. That’s what democracy is all about,” he wrote in an e-mail.

See what else he has to say about public access to government information on Editor David Stevens’ Web log,

Falling, With Style

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This week’s Web poll asks about a proposal that would create domestic partnerships for gay and straight couples in New Mexico.

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