One vote yes for Sunday alcohol sales

One vote in favor of Sunday alcohol sales:

“I see nothing wrong with selling alcohol on Sunday,” Ardyth Elms wrote in an e-mail. “The majority of people drinking during dinner, or going to a bar to watch sports, don’t cause problems, and most people have a designated driver. Alcohol consumption problems are (caused by) people who drink at home because they don’t have to watch how much they drink.”

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One vote opposed to Sunday alcohol sales:

“I sincerely hope the Sunday alcohol issue fails,” Frank Dalton wrote in an e-mail. “While most patrons might not imbibe enough to be severely impaired, there is another issue that no one has addressed: What of the children watching their elders drink and then drive them home? Might we not be teaching our children that it is OK to drink and drive? Even certain of our commissioners seem to be oblivious to the fact that we may be exacerbating a potentially problem by renaming it ‘progress.’”

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Statistics from Clovis Industrial Development Corp:

• More than 120,000 people live in a 60-mile radius of Clovis.

• The city is home to 58 churches, 789 motel rooms, 165 civic clubs and 110 hospital beds.

• The region’s largest employer is Allsup’s convenience store, which employs about 3,000. Wal-Mart has about 300 employees.

• Clovis has an estimated 19,068 housing units worth an average of $66,260.

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Clovis’ mayoral candidate Tim Ashley on public access to government information:

“During my tenure in public office I have historically supported and been an advocate for openness in government.”

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