She’s rooting for Patriots … to lose

Cathy Olona is looking forward to Feb. 3.

“I am going to watch the Super Bowl,” she wrote in an e-mail. “I always do, and I will be cheering for the Patriots to take a fall.

“The commercials are a big draw as well.”

• • •

Clovis’ Mac McDonald on the nation’s economy:

“I have been worried for a long time. … We have debts into the trillions and asking for more. I will not have to pay it but it is a debt that has to be paid or we will have to forfeit our country.

“I wish everyone could have the opportunity to read the book by Lee Iacocca (‘Where Have all the Leaders Gone?’) We need men like him running this country. This fake stimulus package is going to make things worse.”

• • •

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