Domenici: Cannon to benefit from Army contract

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Pete Domenici today announced that a $12.1 million contract has been approved to renovate a fuel storage and loading facility at Cannon Air Force Base, a project first funded before the base was targeted by the 2005 base closure process.

            Domenici, a member of the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, was instrumental in securing the funding as part of the FY2006 Military Construction Appropriations Bill, and subsequently worked with the congressional delegation to pressure the Defense Department to release the funding after a new mission was identified for Cannon.

            “I am pleased the contract has been let to get this work done.  The fuel storage facilities at Cannon, once upgraded, will be critical to supporting the Special Operations Command mission at the base,” Domenici said.

            The $12.1 million contract was awarded through the Army Corps of Engineers to Nova Group Inc. of Napa, Calif.  With options, the contract could eventually total almost $12.7 million.  The contract is expected to be completed by July 2009.

            The project involves the renovation of the existing tank farm at Cannon to increase the fuel storage capacity for aircraft, diesel and gasoline fuels.  The project will include a new pumping station, fuel systems and storage tanks.  Existing fills stands, off-load areas and distribution systems will be demolished and replaced.

“Even before the Air Force Special Ops mission was introduced at Cannon, the base’s fuel and unloading facilities were outdated and inadequate to supporting the base’s operational needs,” Domenici said.  “This project, which I’m happy is finally getting underway, will enhance a basic need at Cannon—a modern fuel storage and distribution system to support the aircraft that are stationed there.”

            Domenici is currently reviewing additional military construction needs at Cannon that could be included in the FY2009 budget, including those that could be included in the federal budget plan President Bush will present to Congress on Feb. 4.