It’s gonna blow

Ken De Los Santos, emergency management director for Clovis and Curry County, warns we’ll have sustained winds at 35 mph and gusts up to 50 mph throughout the day.

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Here’s how Clovis’ Carolyn Spence responded to an editor’s question about the local economy:

“Since there is a continuing increase in demand for commercial property for business startups and expansions here, I expect the local economy to be on the rise over the next two years and beyond.”

Clovis’ Jeff Greene had this to say:

“The amount of people arriving at Cannon Air Force Base is much less than the amount of people leaving. That, along with the depressed housing market and stock market tells me our communities’ growth may slow down for awhile. But I have faith that it will rebound nicely in late 2008.”

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Beginning Tuesday, our recommended Web site of the day will be related to the Super Bowl.

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Remember when readers used to complain that other readers would delete comments they posted below stories?

Those days are mostly gone.

Since changing the software we use to allow readers to comment – on Jan. 14 — not a single comment has been deleted from articles.

We have deleted three posts to reader blogs, all because the writer was promoting for-profit ventures.

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