Make this Valentine’s Day memorable one

By Clyde Davis: Local columnist

Noting that other columnists had done so, I recently had my own newspaper photo updated. The truth was, that the older copy, six years old, had never looked much like me to begin with. I was always just short of surprised when a reader recognized me on the basis of that picture.

There was an upside to that old picture, however. When, as I do on several occasions of the year, I wrote an article on romancing, I could not be accosted by other middle-aged males who wanted to know why I was stirring the pot and making trouble.

So much for anonymity. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and to coin a phrase we use on the Decoy Carving Forum, it is time to get your ducks in a row for the holiday of lovers.
Perhaps you are financially stable enough for a trip to someplace different, an experience you have never considered before.

The Hershey Lodge and Hershey Hotel in Hershey, Pa., will celebrate Chocolate Lover’s Month and the holiday of love with incredibly creative festivities involving the cocoa bean. Hershey is embedded in some of the most scenic mountains my home state has to offer.
One could fly into either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, for that location.

Closer to our neck of the woods, Aspen, Colo., has a tradtion of catering to romance on Feb. 14 and surrounding days. One needn’t be a skier to find ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Aspen.

On the hidden side, Sipapu Ski area, not far from Taos, offers reasonably priced lodging and packages — so reasonably priced that the Davis’ are thinking about going there this winter, and believe me, that means reasonable spelled c-h-e-a-p. This are is not just equipped for alpine, it also facilitates Nordic and snowshoeing.

For the really “roughing it” romancer in you, Valles Caldera, north of Santa Fe, has backcountry trails connecting yurts, so that one can ski from one night’s lodging to the next. A yurt, for the uninitiated, is a type of hut.

Don’t overlook the one-night options for activities. Movies can be rented that will inspire romance — romantic comedies for all tastes and age levels, as well as more serious love epics.

Cruise the shelves at Albertson’s in areas you often ignore, and make that special someone a wonderful Valentine’s meal. Go beyond the staples.

Create a computer card. Write a poem. Say it with flowers. Remember the music. Dress sexy. Light a candle for each year of your relationship and scatter them through the house.

Don’t be bland, dull and predictable. Surprise him or her. Help them remember why you fell in love. If you aren’t married to her, pop the question. If you are engaged to her, elope.

Make it a Valentine’s Day she won’t forget.

Clyde Davis is pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Portales and a college instructor. He can be contacted at: