Pancakes, young voters and Super-sized business

Stories we are working on for Sunday’s paper:

~ Bisquick box to belly coverage of the Kawanis Club’s annual pancake breakfast
~ Sunday is also a super-sized day for pizza chains and other food vendors
~ A group of Clovis High School students is encouraging young people to vote
~ A wind farm that zigzags across De Baca and Quay counties is supplying electricity to the site of Sunday’s Super Bowl.
~ Views from local lawmakers at the halfway point of the state Legislature

~ ~ ~

La Nelda Kresge of Logan is not a fan of at least three Clovis News Journal comics – Garfield, The Other Coast and Rubes.

“May I inquire – what in the world makes anyone think any one of these three ‘comics’ is funny, amusing or any such?,” Kresge wrote in a letter.

“Maybe my age (78) affects my funny bone different, but I find all three totally asinine, and with no redeeming qualities.

“I miss the Non Sequitur gang – especially Danae, her sister and dad.

“I have never seen anything funny about Garfield, but he is better than Rubes and The Other Coast – help!.”

• • •

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