Bingaman: Budget would invest in N.M. air bases

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman on MOnday said New Mexico Air Force Bases would receive a total of about $57 million in improvements under the Bush administration’s budget proposal for 2009.

All three bases would see upgrades under the plan, which was released by the Bush administration today. 

“The budget proposal makes an investment in each of our Air Force bases.  We must make sure our bases remain in state-of-the-art condition, so that they can meet their missions,” Bingaman said.  “As we move forward in writing spending bills, I will work with the entire Congressional delegation to make sure our bases get the upgrades they need.”

 The proposed budget is as follows:

• Holloman in preparation for the F-22 bed down January 2009
• Hanger for maintenance for Low Observable materials $14.5 million
• Air Craft maintenance facility $1.05 million
• Flight Simulator Facility $3.15 million
• Jet Engine Maintenance Shop $2.15 million
• Aerospace Ground Equipment Facility $4.6 million

Cannon AFSOC bed down
• AC-130 maintenance hanger $18.1 million

• Replace fuel storage tanks $14.4 million

The budget request submitted Monday by the White House to Congress is the first step in the annual appropriations process. Over the next several months, the House of Representatives and the Senate will proceed with the actual work of writing the federal budget. But the White House numbers serve as recommendations to Congress that could set the parameters of the budget debate.