CCC officials hope enrollment stabilizing

Gabriel Monte

Clovis Community College officials hope a four-year slide in enrollment is leveling off.

As of the beginning of February, 3,563 students were attending CCC, according to David Caffey, vice president for institutional effectiveness. There were 3,613 students enrolled during the 2007 spring semester, according to Caffey.

College officials believe the impact of Cannon Air Force Base transition to a special operations base has bottomed out and enrollment will pick up next year.

Communications and Marketing director Lisa Spencer said the enrollment figures could increase as student registration for special terms and the second mini-semester begins. Caffey expects the current enrollment to increase by between 100 and 240 students.

“If the pattern holds, I think at the end of this semester to end up somewhere between 3,700 and 3,800 for our head count,” he said.

Enrollment has declined by about 800 students in the last five years, according to enrollment figures Caffey quoted.

In 2003 8,105 students enrolled at CCC. The number dropped to 7,316 students in 2007.

The number of military members, spouses and dependents also decreased. Current enrollment figures put the number of military members, dependents and spouses enrolled at 260. At the end of the semester last year, there were 286.

By the numbers:

Clovis Community College enrollment numbers for the last five years:
Spring Fall
2003 4,028 4,077
2004 4,171 4,195
2005 4,042 3,937
2006 3,757 3,653
2007 3,613 3,703

Source: Clovis Community College