New online columnist due Friday

Glenda Price, a contributing editor to New Mexico Stockman magazine since 1982, joins our stable of columnists on Friday.

Her weekly reports will be available at no charge on Freedom New Mexico Web sites. Look in the Opinion section beginning Friday.

This week’s column will focus on some folks she’s known who have been, say, a little larger than life.

• • •

We’ll be adding two new bloggers to our Web site in the coming weeks.

Mike Higgns has been one of the Golden Spread’s biggest sports fans the past five decades. His “Short Rutts” blog should be live any day now.

Andy Kastelic, a theater major at Eastern New Mexico University, will be writing about his passion for film in a blog not yet named. That will go live before month’s end.

Look for all our bloggers under “Blogs” in the blue bar at the top of the home page.

• • •

David Lansford has been Clovis’ mayor the last 12 years. He’s stepping down in March and the Clovis News Journal is planning an in-depth report on the life and times of the man some say has been the city’s most influential citizen for a decade.

Do you know any David Lansford stories? Do you know what inspires him? What makes him laugh? What makes him cry, or makes him mad?

We could use the input.

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