Comedian picks on both sides

Columnist Argus Hamilton is poking fun at the Clintons and Mike Huckabee today.

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Argus Hamilton

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With Valentine’s Day on Thursday, editors have been asking readers, “How did you meet your spouse?”

Bob Baker’s reply:

“I met my wife in 1960 while stationed in England with the United States Air Force. I was 21 and she was 20.  She was in the Royal Air Force at the time. 

“My assignment was … at a remote site and while sharing a house with another airman, I met my wife to be. She was dating the fellow sharing the home. 

“She lost a ring while there, I found it and traded it back to her for a date. The rest is history. We’ve been happily married now for over 47 years.”

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Mike Higgins’ sports blog is live on our Freedom New Mexico sites today. He writes about high school, college and professional sports of local interest.

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Short Rutts

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New Mexico lawmakers recently asked constituents, “Do you think the current climate changes are man made?”

Here’s what Clovis’ Carolyn Spence has to say:

“The Earth has undergone some drastic climate changes in history and the causes were not manmade. We need to be careful that our best intentions don’t backfire on us.

“The Earth is capable of healing much that we do to it, but we also need to be careful not to do too much. The most recent studies show that the burning of bio-fuels actually contributes more to global warming than fossil fuels, for example. 

“We need to take it very slowly and with prayer. It takes more wisdom than we have by ourselves to make this whole thing work correctly.”

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Falling, With Style